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  • June  2012(issue 201)
  • Global K-Food Maker, DAESANG


    Possessing World-Class Techniques for Fermented Food
    Plans to Establish 50 Overseas Offices by 2016




    DAESANG Corporation is a renowned Korean producer possessing world-class technology for fermented foods. The company’s slogan is “Creates a Happy Future through  the Healthy Food Culture.” DAESANG is also Korea’s top food export company actively promoting traditional Korean foods - gochujang (red pepper paste), doenjang (soybean paste), and cheonilyeom (solar salt) - in overseas markets, such as Japan, since the 1970s.


    The main export items of the company include “Chungjungwon Sunchang Gochujang” and “Drinking Hongcho.” In producing these items, the company keeps usage of artificial additives and dyes to a minimum in order to have a competitive edge in overseas markets.




    Standing on Tiptoes to Produce a Global Hot Sauce, “Chungjungwon Sunchang Gochujang”

    DAESANG’s hit item in the global market is “Chungjungwon Sunchang Gochujang.” It is currently exported to 53 countries, including the US, China, and Japan. The overseas sales last year exceeded USD$30 million. By participating in world-famous food fairs, DAESANG is actively promoting the brand name of Sunchang Gochujang around the world. And it is making steady and persistent efforts to make new items suited to the specifics of each export market and develop recipes that use gochujang. To further expand its overseas market, the company subdivides Sunchang Gochujang products according to spiciness and color, so that foreign consumers can choose the taste they like. Recently, also targeting overseas markets, DAESANG has released “Gochujang Hot Sauce,” which retains the spiciness of gochujang but can be used more easily as a regular sauce.

    Hit in Japanese Beverage Market, “Drinking Hongcho” with KARA

    “Chungjungwon Drinking Hongcho” is taking center stage as DAESANG’s main export item along with Sunchang Gochujang. This vinegar beverage is receiving an explosive response from Japanese consumers. Its sales in Japan last year amounted to USD$43.4 million. Compared to the previous year (USD$1.2 million in 2010), this was a phenomenal, 357 percent increase! Since last August, Hanryu (Korean culture wave) stars, girl group KARA, have been working as exclusive models for the product, and the sales in the latter half of the year soared to USD$40.7 million.

    Drinking Hongcho comes in nine kinds of tastes, including pomegranate, rubus coreanus, and blueberry, so anyone can find the taste they like. Moreover, there are several different types of packages - from 50㎖ mini size to 1.5ℓ bottles. One of the items in the series, “Drinking Hongcho Ice,” can be enjoyed as a common refreshing beverage in hot summer weather.
    As popularity of Drinking Hongcho has been rising so rapidly, the item was selected as one of hit products of 2011 by Nihon Geizai Shimbun’s sister magazine Nikkei Trendy.




    Efforts to Obtain International Food Certifications

    DAESANG puts a great deal of effort into exploring new overseas markets - the Middle East, Russia, Central and South America - by obtaining international food certifications.
    The thorough sanitation standards maintained by DAESANG received recognition last August when the company acquired the global food certification “Kosher” with its high quality Chungjungwon Sinan Cheonilyeom product. An important certification in the EU and North American market, Kosher is a mark of clean food used by Jewish people. It means that the product “fulfills the requirements of Jewish law.” DAESANG’s goal for Sinan Cheonilyeom is to reach USD$4.3 million in export sales by 2015. Other items produced by the company, such as dried laver and mayonnaise, obtained Halal certification (Muslim food certification confirming that the livestock used to make the meat has been slaughtered in the manner prescribed by Sharia law) and are actively cultivating the Muslim food market.

    Spreading Korean Food Culture around the World with “Convenience Hansik Foods”

    Capitalizing on its success in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, DAESANG has established the goal of becoming a worldwide food company by attaining USD$4.3 billion in overseas sales by 2016, and building a global network of 50 overseas offices located all around the world. To achieve this goal, the company plans to promote five food business units: marinade, gochujang, hongcho, cheonilyeom, and chlorella.

    Recently, DAESANG also started pushing forward its “convenience Hansik food” business. It focuses its research efforts on making up for the weak point of Hansik - difficult to cook because the recipes are very complicated. The objective is to make foods that are easy to cook (HMR: Home Meal Replacement foods) and easy to store. All of DAESANG’s convenience Hansik foods will be produced only for export, and the label and recipes will be marked according to the local market’s standards. It is expected that the main items will include bokkeum-bap (fried rice), bibim-bap, and jeon (Korean pancake) - foods that represent the unique eating culture of Korea.


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